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vivere a pieno

We all know that broccoli are better than chips and that exercise is healthier than watching TV. However, only a few people are able to change. We do live longer, but we fall ill earlier and very often our life is neither happy nor full of energy: it is only longer. Taking advantage of his experience as a doctor, his training as a coach and his high-performance work, with this book Filippo Ongaro brings forth a new discipline: health coaching. He offers a complete system of tools, observations and practice to improve your health and to reach an higher level of personal satisfaction, health and physical performance. This is a methodology Ongaro has been using for long in his clinical work and which links those strategies of personal change typical of strategic coaching with the most recent scientific discoveries in neuroscience and in behavioural psychology.


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Dr. Filippo Ongaro

Medico degli astronauti dal 2000 al 2007
1° medico italiano certificato in medicina anti-aging




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