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Coaching, health and performance enhancement

Each person has a profound desire to live life fully, to not waste this amazing experience that is offered to us.

However many seem to lack the tools to live positively their existence. Research shows it's not the entity of the negative events one faces in life to explain the difference between the one that grows, manages and lives well and the other one that fails and does not recover.

What makes the difference are the resources a person can rely on in order to face in the best manner the challenges of life.

Positive psychology has extensively demonstrated that the pool of resources can be built and fine tuned. This inner work can gradually transform the quality of how we interpret and respond to life events.

Health is indeed a fundamental resource to live a good life. A perfectly functioning body and brain provide us with a multitude of additional instruments to act in life compared to a unhealthy organism. But this is still not sufficient to increase the chances to live fully. What we really need is the correct psycho-emotional balance and the right habits that grow the expression of a robust character, allowing us to fall and rise again but also to deeply enjoy the voyage of life.

The coaching programs developed by Dr.Ongaro and his wife Sonja are focusing precisely on this: to provide the participants with the operational tools to built the best version of themselves.

This occurs through a number of steps:

  • Maximum clarity on ones needs and on how to satisfy them
  • Optimization of physical and mental health
  • Optimal management of the 4 foundations of a health life (nutrition, food supplementation, physical training and stress management)
  • Improvement of performance at 360°
  • Improvement of interpersonal relationships
  • Improved capacity to face risks, problems and changes and to develop the right habits
  • Increased trust in oneself and others


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Dr. Filippo Ongaro

Medico degli astronauti dal 2000 al 2007
1° medico italiano certificato in medicina anti-aging
Performance coach, giornalista e scrittore